Business with BMU

BMU calls on all business owners and contractors around the country and beyond to build a business relationship.

The Management of the University invites interested and reputable companies and suppliers across Nigeria who are desirous of doing business with BMU to register as Contractors/Suppliers/Consultants to enable them bid/tender for various projects and supplies the institute intends to undertake, in line with the Public Procurement Act.

Download the contract form, fill all necessary fields and send a scanned copy back to us


The objective of the contractors/suppliers Registration exercise is as follows;

  1. 1. To ensure that contractors/suppliers hired by the University are properly accredited
  2. 2. To confirm that contractors/companies engaged by the university are duly registered under the Companies and Allied Matters Act
  3. 3. To maintain a database of all Contractors/Companies hired by the University

To see areas of specializations and contract terms and conditions, please refer to the above downloaded form.
Thank You.