The Institute of Foreign Languages and Biomedical Translations (IFL-BT) at the Bayelsa Medical University

The language training at the Institute for Foreign Languages and Biomedical Translations (IFL-BT) is offered to Students and any interested persons. The programme is designed to equip learners for international careers in the Health sector and Allied Medical Sciences at home and abroad. It also will train Bayelsans and Nigerians to get jobs in translation and interpretation, publishing, the tourism industry, the civil and diplomatic services, banking services, customs and immigration, library services and teaching.

Graduates of the institute will have greater job opportunities that will enable them contribute more effectively to national development. Products of this Institute will gain employment across the globe as Doctors Without Borders, and as international nurses. They may also work in organisations like UNESCO, UN, AU, ECOWAS, foreign embassies, private enterprises, world renowned universities in Nigeria, Africa, Canada, United States, France, etc. The language programme is targeted at medical students of BMU and any other interested person.


The IFL-BT is poised to provide the learning and teaching of Foreign Languages in a creative and innovative environment using modern state of the art communication facilities and laboratories that will facilitate the teaching and learning of foreign languages using state of the art facilities.


The IFL-BT is to provide practical learning objectives that encompass a communicative approach and a situational approach in learning languages.

It offers Arabic, Chinese, English as a foreign language, French, German, Russian and Spanish as the major certificate Programmes. These Languages enjoy the support of the French, Russian, Spanish, German and Chinese Embassies and will be of interest to students of the Bayelsa Medical University and the general public.

It will provide a broad based general training in these languages as well as in theoretical and applied linguistics and to help students to not only learn the languages but also achieve an awareness of language systems in general.


  • Global Job Opportunities: Learning a second or third language opens up a ton of career opportunities and improve employment prospects.
  • Establish and train ready graduates who wish to work and train in foreign countries as medical personnel that will easily integrate in different cultures, their experiences could be enriched by knowing a new language.

Language Programmes Offered

  • Arabic
  • Chinese
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Russian
  • Spanish

Language Tours

In the course of the studying the language of their choice, students will be required to go on field trips and immersion programmes in areas and countries where the language is used as a first language. Such countries include, Germany, Spain, Canada, Switzerland and France in Europe. Cameroon, Togo, Benin and Ivory Coast in Africa; others include Canada, Germany, France, Switzerland, UK, USA, Saudi Arabia etc.