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Searchable Table

1 202330047031DA BMU-ADM-23-7180 Moses Elizabeth COMMUNITY HEALTH
2 202330004752FA BMU-ADM-23-7277 Saalu Kumawuese COMMUNITY HEALTH
3 202330881832EA BMU-ADM-23-5476 Eteimo Daniel Tamarakuro COMPUTER SCIENCE
4 202331528288EA BMU-ADM-23-5661 Eko Daniel Ejokeoghene COMPUTER SCIENCE
5 202330918414AF BMU-ADM-23-7029 Lawrence Gospel Nwankwo COMPUTER SCIENCE
6 202330233254BA BMU-ADM-23-7066 Shuaibu Amirh Fawwaz COMPUTER SCIENCE
7 202330665420FA BMU-ADM-23-7256 Ekune Erepa COMPUTER SCIENCE
8 202330608617BF BMU-ADM-23-7286 Police Smith Tejiri COMPUTER SCIENCE
9 202330649332CF Chieke Chibuike Onyewuchi COMPUTER SCIENCE
10 202331547619JF BMU-ADM-23-6974 Egba Elvis Kalizibe DENTAL TECHNOLOGY
11 202330828301IA BMU-ADM-23-7231 Adams Trinity DENTAL TECHNOLOGY
12 202330482819BA BMU-ADM-23-7278 Igbalagh Doowuese Euphemia DENTAL TECHNOLOGY
13 202330539568DA Kumaga Nadoo Josephine DENTAL TECHNOLOGY
14 202330609409EF Esegbuyota Oghenegare Johanna DENTAL TECHNOLOGY
15 202331554743AF BMU-ADM-23-7265 Nnamezie Joyce Osinachi HEALTH CARE ADMINISTRATION & HOSPITAL MANAGEMENT
16 202330565653EA BMU-ADM-23-7183 Agbo Anthonett-Mary Chinecherem Human Anatomy
17 202330115359BA BMU-ADM-23-7131 Paul-Dike Blessing Human Physiology
18 202331179736CF BMU-ADM-23-7230 Dinepre Success Biboere Human Physiology
19 202331537000IF BMU-ADM-23-6217 Ogboke Victoria Woyengipreye MEDICAL LABORATORY SCIENCE
20 202331448939GF BMU-ADM-23-6700 Okanimee Favour Chinweokwu MEDICAL LABORATORY SCIENCE
21 202330311031FF BMU-ADM-23-6850 Oshonwoh Ferdinand Tamaraemomoemi MEDICAL LABORATORY SCIENCE
22 202330312550GA BMU-ADM-23-7022 Assoh Andrea Ebiaredo MEDICAL LABORATORY SCIENCE
23 202330505654CF BMU-ADM-23-7030 Ochei Uchebuaku Trinita MEDICAL LABORATORY SCIENCE
24 202330491965HA BMU-ADM-23-7035 Mobaghan Leroy Rukeaime MEDICAL LABORATORY SCIENCE
25 202330391781FF BMU-ADM-23-7042 Mienpeikumor Wisdom Ekpotuake MEDICAL LABORATORY SCIENCE
26 202330736642JF BMU-ADM-23-7084 Dike Esther Yiibari MEDICAL LABORATORY SCIENCE
27 202330129722BF BMU-ADM-23-7094 Ilide Christabel Adaeze MEDICAL LABORATORY SCIENCE
28 202330569562GF BMU-ADM-23-7100 Adefolarin Daniella Ayomide MEDICAL LABORATORY SCIENCE
29 202331323705JA BMU-ADM-23-7111 Onojomete Ogheneuchivwome Hosea MEDICAL LABORATORY SCIENCE
30 202331214682JF BMU-ADM-23-7124 Amshel Eguonor Valerie MEDICAL LABORATORY SCIENCE
31 202330833901BA BMU-ADM-23-7190 Ejuwa Bettina Oritsetemi MEDICAL LABORATORY SCIENCE
32 202330625347GA BMU-ADM-23-7221 Ekechukwu Chinedu Gods Time MEDICAL LABORATORY SCIENCE
33 202331319140CA BMU-ADM-23-7224 Musa Peace Doebi MEDICAL LABORATORY SCIENCE
34 202331486852CF BMU-ADM-23-7233 Omasan Anthonia MEDICAL LABORATORY SCIENCE
35 202331537000IF BMU-ADM-23-7236 Ogboke Victoria Woyengipreye MEDICAL LABORATORY SCIENCE
36 202330354154JA BMU-ADM-23-7280 Iddo Blessing Festus MEDICAL LABORATORY SCIENCE
37 202330336914DA BMU-ADM-23-7285 Fred Timi Michael MEDICAL LABORATORY SCIENCE
38 202331109577IA BMU-ADM-23-7306 Akpodubakaye Victory Ayibanengiyefa MEDICAL LABORATORY SCIENCE
39 202330512875CA BMU-ADM-23-7322 Alfred Joy Ayibaifiemi MEDICAL LABORATORY SCIENCE
40 202331039571DF BMU-ADM-23-7364 Ebegbare Special Oghaleoghene MEDICAL LABORATORY SCIENCE
41 202330508231GA BMU-ADM-23-6516 Tareware Esther Microbiology
42 202330630710DF BMU-ADM-23-6468 Ayoro Ebifemoere Miracle OPTOMETRY
43 202330370063GA BMU-ADM-23-6529 Ernest-Uzoho Christabel Chidinma OPTOMETRY
44 202330043995BA BMU-ADM-23-6817 Nkanu Vety Ejah OPTOMETRY
45 202331188312IF BMU-ADM-23-7099 Appah Stephanie Oynkarebi OPTOMETRY
46 202330060900DF BMU-ADM-23-7113 Ovwigho Ufuoma Precious OPTOMETRY
47 202331130004HA BMU-ADM-23-7146 Abugewa Odafe Ralph OPTOMETRY
48 202330065815GF BMU-ADM-23-7178 Otuka David Goziechukwu OPTOMETRY
49 202330726897IF BMU-ADM-23-7181 Ekiyorkatimi Ekiyorkere Faith OPTOMETRY
50 202330086373GF BMU-ADM-23-7275 Pius-Onoja Sophia Agbenuk'Ocho OPTOMETRY
51 202331189242JA BMU-ADM-23-7311 Obi Etotaziba Wosi OPTOMETRY
52 202330150776AF BMU-ADM-23-7312 Osazuwa Favour Osariemen OPTOMETRY
53 202330038690DA BMU-ADM-23-7325 Kennedy Joan Uyigue OPTOMETRY
54 202331044314HA BMU-ADM-23-7327 Disi Godgift Temeoweimiene OPTOMETRY
55 202330387796DA BMU-ADM-23-7336 Chima Peace Kamsiriochukwu OPTOMETRY
56 202330123583CF BMU-ADM-23-6780 Olodiama Justine Woyengideinmodo PHARMACY
57 202330415436FF BMU-ADM-23-7128 Buku Timiarede Bulouderemone PHARMACY
58 202330659677HF BMU-ADM-23-7260 Matthew-Izibili Oseleonomhen Sharon PHARMACY
59 202330659677HF BMU-ADM-23-7261 Matthew-Izibili Oseleonomhen Sharon PHARMACY
60 202330174884CA BMU-ADM-23-7304 Matthew-Izibili Osemuyimhen Rejoice PHARMACY
61 202330587996EF BMU-ADM-23-7354 Tasie Evan George PHARMACY
62 202330784645FA Ojo-Maliki Amiemetana Dominion PHARMACY
63 202330638591FF Olu-Peters Divine Jesutomisin PHARMACY
64 202330487271HF BMU-ADM-23-7010 Ifeta Mayowa Oghenemaro PHYSIOTHERAPY
65 202331141219EF BMU-ADM-23-7171 Okechukwu Daniel Odaefe PHYSIOTHERAPY
66 202330636978EF BMU-ADM-23-7245 German Justice PHYSIOTHERAPY
67 202331375501IA BMU-ADM-23-7293 Bietebeyeibo Gideon Oru-Pa PHYSIOTHERAPY
68 202330956840GA BMU-ADM-23-7316 Ewenode Oghenerunor Queensley PHYSIOTHERAPY
69 202330763027DA BMU-ADM-23-7317 Evuarherhe Promise Oghenekparobo PHYSIOTHERAPY
70 202330217381FA Ayodele Esther Ayomide PHYSIOTHERAPY
71 202330411794CF Majekodunmi Aduragbemi Oluwajentegbe PHYSIOTHERAPY
72 202330835310JA BMU-ADM-23-7000 Goodluck Precious PUBLIC HEALTH
73 202330412936BF BMU-ADM-23-7165 Enamhe Emmanuel Lipeunim PUBLIC HEALTH
74 202330264530JF BMU-ADM-23-6185 Onyewuenyi Jessica Ifeoma RADIOGRAPHY & RADIATION SCIENCE
75 202330933832FF BMU-ADM-23-6614 Ayere Dubamo-Ere Praise RADIOGRAPHY & RADIATION SCIENCE
76 202330940224BF BMU-ADM-23-6908 Nwankwo Mary-Ann Chioma RADIOGRAPHY & RADIATION SCIENCE
77 202331245944GA BMU-ADM-23-6930 Siyaka Ramatu RADIOGRAPHY & RADIATION SCIENCE
78 202330137248AF BMU-ADM-23-7024 Olanrewaju Oluwabukola Godly RADIOGRAPHY & RADIATION SCIENCE
79 202331390983JF BMU-ADM-23-7048 Abazie Kelly RADIOGRAPHY & RADIATION SCIENCE
80 202330599940IA BMU-ADM-23-7074 Iyogbon Stephanie Isimhankhomhen-Chimenime RADIOGRAPHY & RADIATION SCIENCE
81 202331196396EA BMU-ADM-23-7078 Robinson Karinate Ruth RADIOGRAPHY & RADIATION SCIENCE
82 202330579096IF BMU-ADM-23-7097 Willie Favour Solomon RADIOGRAPHY & RADIATION SCIENCE
83 202331196396EA BMU-ADM-23-7103 Robinson Karinate Ruth RADIOGRAPHY & RADIATION SCIENCE
84 202330249158AF BMU-ADM-23-7123 Nathaniel Abraham Fukbengha RADIOGRAPHY & RADIATION SCIENCE
85 202330706718JA BMU-ADM-23-7177 Nwachenimuya Chinwendu Maryjane RADIOGRAPHY & RADIATION SCIENCE
86 202330271695IF BMU-ADM-23-7276 Owebor Praise RADIOGRAPHY & RADIATION SCIENCE
87 202330626590CA BMU-ADM-23-7297 Okpiri Olami Alisebh RADIOGRAPHY & RADIATION SCIENCE
88 202331055322DF BMU-ADM-23-7324 Onwe Thankgod Adimchimnobi RADIOGRAPHY & RADIATION SCIENCE
89 202330511700AF BMU-ADM-23-7330 Kalio Hazael Tamuno-Opubo RADIOGRAPHY & RADIATION SCIENCE
90 202330271695IF BMU-ADM-23-7365 Owebor Praise RADIOGRAPHY & RADIATION SCIENCE
91 202330665019GA Yeseni Gladys RADIOGRAPHY & RADIATION SCIENCE
92 202330298387AF Amadoma Onisolor Onlygod RADIOGRAPHY & RADIATION SCIENCE
93 202330626104HF Egesionu Mirian Nmesoma RADIOGRAPHY & RADIATION SCIENCE
94 202331286503JA Ewulum Emeka Ezra RADIOGRAPHY & RADIATION SCIENCE
95 202330382814FA Chima Favour Chimaobi RADIOGRAPHY & RADIATION SCIENCE


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Bayelsa State, NG.

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Bayelsa Medical University (BMU) is dedicated to promoting excellence and leadership in medical science through education, research and provision of healthcare that will advance the mental, physical and emotional well-being of people all over the world


BMU is a specialised medical university established to raise crops of professionally competent personnel in the multi-disciplinary study of medicine and allied medical sciences that are capable of identifying health needs and challenges of society and proffering solutions to such issues for the well-being of mankind..