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Searchable Table

1 202330117118FA BMU-ADM-23-5780 Spiff Yela Dawn DENTISTRY
2 202331327700GF Osuma Favour Inodu DENTISTRY
3 202331538919IF Iluma Ndutimi Emmanuel DENTISTRY
4 202330165416FA BMU-ADM-23-5213 Ben-Eledo Melvin Chinemerem MEDICINE & SURGERY
5 202331027902FA BMU-ADM-23-5675 Ofondu Uzochi Mienebibo MEDICINE & SURGERY
6 202331594902EA Mogbeyiteren Precious Meyiwa MEDICINE & SURGERY
7 202330578815GF BMU-ADM-23-6010 Edeamah Otobong Okon MEDICINE & SURGERY
8 202330664742CA BMU-ADM-22-4970 Reuben Perezide Olomu MEDICINE & SURGERY
9 202330266454HA BMU-ADM-23-5979 Inweh Ogheneosivwime Redeemed MEDICINE & SURGERY
10 202330511595FF BMU-ADM-23-5341 Etukpere Oghenemine Treasure MEDICINE & SURGERY
11 202330614051BF BMU-ADM-23-4991 Nwabuogor Chimuanya Naomi MEDICINE & SURGERY
12 202330256296DF BMU-ADM-23-5533 Kenneth Dineni Fortune MEDICINE & SURGERY
13 202330976043JA BMU-ADM-23-5069 Chukwuebuni Chinazor Mirabel MEDICINE & SURGERY
14 202330163464CF BMU-ADM-22-4915 Cocodia Anne-Marie Oyinmiedo MEDICINE & SURGERY
15 202331041245CF BMU-ADM-23-5941 Nwose Chiamaka Irene MEDICINE & SURGERY
16 202331333286GF BMU-ADM-23-5191 Ehikioya Goodness Osamudiamhen MEDICINE & SURGERY
17 202330035485JF BMU-ADM-23-5242 Eluwole Temiloluwa Udemeabasi MEDICINE & SURGERY
18 202330399260JA BMU-ADM-23-5669 Oyibogare Kparobo David MEDICINE & SURGERY
19 202330113572BF BMU-ADM-23-5155 Aghwana Ogheneochuko Stanley MEDICINE & SURGERY
20 202330007548DF BMU-ADM-23-5297 Usobotie Emmanuella Eniola MEDICINE & SURGERY
21 202331089206JF BMU-ADM-23-5244 Okathe Oghogho MEDICINE & SURGERY
22 202330001648IF BMU-ADM-23-5031 Egeruo Brenda Chiamaka MEDICINE & SURGERY
23 20233048023GF Omashor Pearl Chimmeremumma MEDICINE & SURGERY
24 202330522355CF BMU-ADM-23-6136 Ken-Clarke Ogheneruona Oyintoinfie MEDICINE & SURGERY
25 202330157553DF BMU-ADM-23-5051 Udo Edikan Akwaowo MEDICINE & SURGERY
26 202331083625HA BMU-ADM-23-5311 Solomon Morris Onengiye MEDICINE & SURGERY
27 202330207382HF BMU-ADM-23-6201 Oyakhire Osaighefe Odion MEDICINE & SURGERY
28 202331271699BA BMU-ADM-23-5396 Bailey Tonbara Winner MEDICINE & SURGERY
29 202330211275IF BMU-ADM-23-5411 Kpun Victor Preye MEDICINE & SURGERY
30 202330829505EF Ebiama King Tamaraemomoemi MEDICINE & SURGERY
31 202331536343EF Alex-Edoh Ebikake MEDICINE & SURGERY
32 202331138268HF Bennett Azibaola Benny MEDICINE & SURGERY
33 202331345812EA Warri Michael Ebiakpo MEDICINE & SURGERY
34 202331268331DF BMU-ADM-23-5443 Pat-Edua Ebiye Rachael MEDICINE & SURGERY
35 202331186928HA Ken Peculiar Amamboizibe MEDICINE & SURGERY
36 202330095565IF BMU-ADM-23-5709 Tungbulu Gbanaibolu Fidelis MEDICINE & SURGERY
37 202330460228BA BMU-ADM-23-5664 Bonny Oyindoubra Gloria MEDICINE & SURGERY
38 202330969051JA BMU-ADM-23-5564 Apreala Huldah Deinyefa MEDICINE & SURGERY
39 202330093807EA Emurhohwo Jonathan Oghenebrukewve MEDICINE & SURGERY
40 202331007214DF Kori-Akpoebi Kelvin Ganbotei MEDICINE & SURGERY
41 202330830354HF BMU-ADM-23-5467 Nemi Isabella Oyinmomoemi MEDICINE & SURGERY
42 202330935924EF BMU-ADM-23-5837 David Ebieri Wisdom MEDICINE & SURGERY
43 202330129050FA BMU-ADM-23-6540 Joseph Favour Perekeme MEDICINE & SURGERY
44 202330738465AF BMU-ADM-23-5266 Olasunkade Habeeb Olabisi MEDICINE & SURGERY
45 202330457413CF BMU-ADM-23-6587 Ebizimo Prince Godson MEDICINE & SURGERY
46 202330286442HA BMU-ADM-22-4870 Unogu Chizitere Ashley NURSING SCIENCE
47 202330073099DA Omenuwa Kosisochukwu NURSING SCIENCE
48 202330974952DF BMU-ADM-23-5381 Madukwe Juliana Uchenna NURSING SCIENCE
49 202330339363EA BMU-ADM-23-5091 Ehiabhi Benedicta Eseose NURSING SCIENCE
50 202330830709BA BMU-ADM-23-5307 Amadi Sarima Favour NURSING SCIENCE
51 202330001701BA BMU-ADM-23-5105 Egeruo Benardette Chidimma NURSING SCIENCE
52 202330484872AF BMU-ADM-23-5948 Okpako Okeoghene NURSING SCIENCE
53 202330274589FF BMU-ADM-23-5160 Odin Oritsetimeyin NURSING SCIENCE
54 202330134628JA Nnorom Chioma Joy NURSING SCIENCE
55 202331426955HA BMU-ADM-23-5753 Edeigba Jemimah Okoloise NURSING SCIENCE
56 202330586324EF BMU-ADM-23-5558 Otolo Goodness Ebifemoere NURSING SCIENCE
57 202331148863BF BMU-ADM-23-5086 Spiff Shalom Victor NURSING SCIENCE
58 202330267353EA BMU-ADM-23-5119 Bala Halima Preye NURSING SCIENCE
59 202330022222AF Johnson Mirabel Aghogho NURSING SCIENCE
60 202330399887JA Iluma Sophia Monime NURSING SCIENCE
61 202331140684GA BMU-ADM-23-6389 Kowei Donald Doubra NURSING SCIENCE
62 202330200301EF BMU-ADM-22-4807 Aladhe Princess Ogheneruona NURSING SCIENCE
63 202330243938HF BMU-ADM-23-5441 Debakenana Goodness Ebiarede NURSING SCIENCE
64 202330957067GF BMU-ADM-23-6472 Phillips Divine Etuaje NURSING SCIENCE
65 202330307984JA BMU-ADM-23-6215 Eti Tamaraebi Hephzibah NURSING SCIENCE
66 202330473320AF BMU-ADM-22-4911 Pobeni Gift Ogechi NURSING SCIENCE
67 202331536892FF Omeleh Ukalizibe Favour NURSING SCIENCE
68 202331026725EF BMU-ADM-23-5390 Ojobolo Tamarakuro NURSING SCIENCE
69 202331398832IF BMU-ADM-23-5976 Ayogoi-Simon Tarimoboere NURSING SCIENCE
70 202331364984DF BMU-ADM-23-5523 Alex-Edoh Oriana Oyintare NURSING SCIENCE
71 202330166548JA Omons Bonfien Megheze NURSING SCIENCE
72 202330472296JA Esaliba Destiny Aruobebh NURSING SCIENCE
73 202330066509BF BMU-ADM-23-5384 Ebikeme Oyinnimiwerimi NURSING SCIENCE
74 202330183761JF Egrenfa Oyinkereaka Success NURSING SCIENCE
75 202330789594AF BMU-ADM-23-5722 Preghafi Destiny Douifie NURSING SCIENCE
76 202330004296FA BMU-ADM-22-4974 Davis-Igiran Ayibapreye Beautiful NURSING SCIENCE
77 202330255215CF BMU-ADM-23-6325 Agbadakiri Pretty Nidouye NURSING SCIENCE
78 202330916606CA BMU-ADM-23-6198 Binafeigha Jessica Ebikewenimo NURSING SCIENCE
79 202330692802DF BMU-ADM-23-5112 Komoni Justin Ogheneruno NURSING SCIENCE
80 202330670231DA BMU-ADM-23-5611 Dimaro Favour Tari Ere NURSING SCIENCE
81 202331268634EA Britinkumo Oyin-Efie Hilaria NURSING SCIENCE
82 202330298760EA BMU-ADM-23-5306 Abiama Hallelujah NURSING SCIENCE
83 202330313604BF BMU-ADM-23-5881 Jerry Blessed Okpukpu NURSING SCIENCE
84 202330512555AF Warri Oghenegare Letitia NURSING SCIENCE
85 202330582338CF BMU-ADM-23-6057 Angozide Happiness Matthew NURSING SCIENCE


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Bayelsa State, NG.

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Bayelsa Medical University (BMU) is dedicated to promoting excellence and leadership in medical science through education, research and provision of healthcare that will advance the mental, physical and emotional well-being of people all over the world


BMU is a specialised medical university established to raise crops of professionally competent personnel in the multi-disciplinary study of medicine and allied medical sciences that are capable of identifying health needs and challenges of society and proffering solutions to such issues for the well-being of mankind..