On behalf of the Governing Council, Management, Senate, Staff, and Students of Bayelsa Medical University, Yenagoa, may I welcome all of you, especially Government officials here present.
I also want to welcome all Vice Chancellors and Principal Officers of other Universities here present and other special guests. Thank you for honoring us with your presence.
And the most important persons in the University today, our valued matriculating students, I say welcome to this great citadel of learning and to the 2022-2023 Academic year. I wish to facilitate with all of you for securing admission into various academic programmes offered in the fields of Science, Medical and Health sciences at Bayelsa Medical University. You deserve a lot of commendation for this onerous achievement because it is not easy to gain admission into a University in Nigeria in view of the limited number of places available for students.


It is on record that the establishment of Bayelsa Medical University increased the number of places available to potential students in Nigeria’s higher education institutions in the 2022-2023 Session. Moreover, there is a very high demand for places in Medical schools in Nigeria which the higher education system has not been able to adequately accommodate, but with the establishment of Bayelsa Medical University, the quota for Science, Medical and Health Sciences students has increased in Nigeria.

Today, history is being made in Bayelsa State as the Bayelsa Medical University will be conducting its 4th Matriculation Ceremony to formally admit about 509 fresh students and 31 JUPEB students distributed into (13) academic programmes as follows: Medicine and Surgery (50), Nursing Science (50), Dentistry (10), Optometry (96), Physiotherapy (43), Medical Laboratory Science (147), Human Anatomy(55), Human Physiology (14), Biochemistry (2), Public Health (29), Microbiology(11), Human Nutrition and Dietetics (3), Community Health (30).

To our Matriculants, you have every right to feel proud of your achievements so far as you are about to take on a new and unique academic experience that will prepare you adequately for the challenges of your later life. Almost every university in the world conducts a Matriculation Ceremony but most fresh students are not familiar with the meaning of the word “Matriculation”. It simply means the official admission of fresh students as members of the University in Statu Pupillari.


 We are immensely grateful to the Bayelsa State Government for locating the Bayelsa Medical University within the premises of the 500-bed hospital with its quality physical facilities and modern medical equipment and for making this beautiful health facility the Teaching hospital of Bayelsa Medical University and also for yielding the world-class Bayelsa Diagnostic Centre and the Mother and Child Hospital located within this premises to this University. All these facilities will surely enhance effective teaching, learning, and research activities in BMU and also enable us provide quality healthcare to our people.

The trend of establishing Medical Universities is catching up fast in Nigeria. BMU has been inundated with visits from sister states who have taken a cue from us in Bayelsa but have gone on further to surpass us and even lobbied for their Universities to be adopted as one of the Federal Medical Universities being established in each of the 6 geo-political zones. Currently, the 6 geopolitical zones have identified locations of the new Federal Medical Universities.

Dear students, as you embark on this academic journey in this new environment for the next four, five or six years, I will implore you to appreciate early enough that the realization of your academic dream and future career is in your hands to make a success of. One other responsibility you have is to embrace academic integrity by learning and understanding the rules of academic engagement as stipulated in the statutes and regulations of the university. I will advise you to shun all forms of examination malpractices so that your efforts at pursuing your dream career will not be in vain.

While you are pursuing your studies with diligence in this university, you will also be establishing lasting friendly relationships with your Professors, Lecturers, Administrators, and fellow students who come from diverse geographical and ethnic backgrounds with the common purpose of the pursuit of knowledge and acquisition of life skills. This is what constitutes the entity that is called a university. I will implore you to enrich yourselves with the tremendous body of knowledge, skills, and experiences these persons possess. Even as you interact with significant others in this university, ensure you weigh the consequences of your individual and collective decisions and actions so that you do not lose focus of your mission in the institution. I entreat you today to endeavor to maintain a good balance between your academic work, extra-curricular activities, social media, and social engagements on campus.

As students of Bayelsa Medical University, I will also implore you to choose your new friends wisely and avoid cultism on campus. Shun drug abuse in order to stay mentally and emotionally smart at all times. I want to use this opportunity to salute and congratulate your parents, guardians, and sponsors that have made it possible for you to pursue your dream career at this university. I wish to beseech every one of you that is matriculating today to ensure that the financial investment of your parents, guardians, and sponsors in your education is properly utilized and make sure you give them a good return on their sponsorship.

Your Excellency, Ladies and Gentlemen, on a final note, I once again congratulate the 4th Matriculating Class of the 2022-2023 session on their well-deserved admission into Bayelsa Medical University and I say a big welcome to you.

Thank you and God bless you all.

Professor Ebitimitula N. Etebu,

Vice Chancellor

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